Learning How Endurance Can Help You Succeed


Hi and welcome to my blog, Tri2Enspire!  This blog is not meant to be about me, rather it is meant to pass on the hope and power of endurance.  Not just endurance exercise, but endurance in life!


Do you need inspiration?  Do you want to redefine what you think is possible?  Are you stuck, looking for something bigger then you?  If you answered yes to any of these, then this blog is for you!  You don’t have to be an endurance athlete to appreciate the blog…this is about endurance in all things, in LIFE!


I say this because here’s the thing: Tri2epsnire is meant to rethink and realize the challenges we encounter in our day-to-day, both big and small, as opportunities to growth.  Yes there’s the obvious stuff in life that’s just crap.  But beyond that, we have a choice of what we tell ourselves.  And what we tell ourselves we believe.


And that’s why I started this blog.  I used to be all negative.  “I can’t” was my mantra.  I hated myself, and my life.  I was the epitome of destruction–the opposite of fit–addicted to the bad and blind to the good.  I did not want to live, and did everything I could not to.


But through the power and hope of endurance, I changed.  It was slow.  It was painful.  It is still something I fight today (go to my page to learn more) but now I have chosen to channel my addictive, all-or-nothing, allergic-to-normal personality to the lifestyle, in my case the life-saver…I have chosen to channel all of myself into endurance sports.


Whatever you’ve been through, no matter how dark, my aim is to help you redefine what is possible.  To help you never quit before you try.  To help you put some “extra” into the ordinary of life.  People thought I’d never make it, I used to believe it.  Now I laugh and consider it a challenge.  What would you do with this confidence?


It happened for me, and it can happen for you!  Learn to ENSPIRE by joining my email subscription today!


In addition to ENSPIRATION, I’ll toss in tips, highlight races, send exclusive discounts through our sponsors, etc  but realize the “why” behind the curtain is bigger than myself.  It is though endurance enurance that I have been able to redefine my limits and realize what I’m truly capable of.  I want that for you!




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