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I’ve decided to I am going to be committed to this blog.  You may ask why I say this on this blog post as it’s obvious…I’m writing words now, right?  Well if you know me, you know how I believe in the power of goal setting.  And not just goal setting as in thinking “hey this is a cool thing I should do it”, but actually setting a goal so you WILL succeed.  I rarely miss a goal I’m committed to, and it’s because of my intentional and almost obsessive goal-setting style.   Check out a real life example of a new goal (and since it is an endurance blog, we’ll keep it endurance-related): Kona 2019.  IMG_2076[1]
I decided while watching the 2016 Ironman World Championships that take place in Kaliue, Kona Hawaii on the second Saturday every October that I am going back.  Not that I wanted to go back, but that I am.  This is no easy task, but I’ve qualified before (5 times) and I know I can do it again. You see that’s the first step: every word around a goal should be affirming…almost a proclamation. “I will lose 20 lbs”.  “I will PR this year”.  “I will x…” And you must BELIEVE it.  Be cocky.  Be firm.  Believe in yourself; it carries proven power.  Indeed if you listen to me talk I tell people “I’m going back to Kona in 2019″!

The second step is to put it out there.  Everywhere.  Publicly, FB, on a blog…write it down.  When you wake up, see it.  Surround yourself with it.  All the pictures you see on this blog are my ways of doing this.  What are yours?

Of course you can’t just say something without setting some parameters…and the goal has to be big.  Not out of reach, but big enough to scare you.  When you think about quitting…when you think about not getting a workout in…when you’re tired or when something (which always does) tries to interfere with your goal, you need to be scared that if you don’t do what you set out to do, you won’t achieve your goal.  My specific goal: Come in at 9:00 hours at Ironman Kona in 2019.  Boom.  It’s big. You bet your ass it’s scary (my fastest IM to date is 9:15 on a MUCH easier course).  And it’s extremely motivating.

Then there’s the how are you going to get there aspect.  You have to have secondary and action steps.  Here’s how I do it (again, listen to the language):  In 2018 I will qualify for Kona with a SUB 9:00 IM (Arizona, Chattanooga or Cabo), with a 55 minutes swim, 4:45 bike and 3:10 run.  That’s fast.  Like stupid fast.  But I believe I can…no I believe I WILL do it.  How?  This year is all about speed.


To get to Sub 9 hour IM shape, this year (2017) I am only racing Olympic races, which will culminate in USAT Nats in August where I will swim 21-22 minutes (1:26-1:28/min hundred), bike 57-58 minutes (25.7mph), and run a 38 minute 10k (6:07ish per/mile pace).   All of my training this year is poised to achieve this goal, and each race leading up to (May, June and July) have their own time goals.  I could go into more detail regarding my training but you get the point.

I took this goal–this dream–and broke it down into manageable pieces, affirming myself the entire way.  Now here’s the biggie.  I see myself doing it.  I play out the race.  I FEEL it.

I watch myself cross the line at Kona.  I see myself in aero and feeling strong on my bike in 2018.  I think about what I’ll do when I cross the finish line at Nats at my PR of nearly 5 minutes.  If you really want to achieve something, anything, visualize it.  Your brain will unconsciously move toward that vision.  That’s why what you tell yourself matters.  Everyday.

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Everyday approach your training, your diet, your life with the same framework you want to be in when you’re actually in the moment when you are achieving your goal.  Set yourself up for success by feeding yourself the truth: that we were ALL MADE FROM GREATNESS.  Period.  No joke.

Funny reference here but I heard this song (again) while I was running this am.  I actually heard it often in training for my last IM, and in a moment of suffering on the run course I heard it blasting off a spectator’s speaker.  It gave me motivation then, as the words are so true.  Keep them with you and set your own goals.  Feel free to post them here first!

“Till I Collapse”

‘Cause sometimes you just feel tired,
Feel weak, and when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up.
But you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength
And just pull that sh** out of you and get that motivation to not give up
And not be a quitter, no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face and collapse.

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